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Cleveland, OH
Email from 7th grade student at Denison
"I want to thank you for your message. When I grow up I want to be someone like you. I am going to be an engineer, so I will be constructing and fixing technology." Read Testimonial
Denver, CO
Email from student at Grant Beacon Middle School
"Even though I might not be rich, it doesn't mean I can't go to college and get a really well paying job. Being positive is all you need to be and you can accomplish absolutely anything in this life. This assembly was the best assembly we have had in Grant Beacon Middle School in my whole 2 years that I've been here." Read Testimonial
Seattle, WA
Email from Madison Middle School Principal
"Thank you for sharing your program and story with our students.  I have spoken with staff and students since the presentation and they have told me that this was the best assembly we have had in many years at Madison.  We feel very fortunate that our students were able to be a part of the Dream Tour.  Thank you for your enthusiastic presentation". 

Detroit, MI

Letter from Middle School Science Supervisor
"The connection that the Dream Tour made with middle school students that morning will have a lasting impact. Your personal story of working through difficult situations to become successful certainly will become an example that students can refer to as they progress through life."  Read Testimonial

St. Paul, MN

From the Aerospace Coordinator at Farnsworth Middle

“Another school year has come to a close and I want to take the opportunity to send a huge thank you. I have enclosed a few copies of our latest school newsletter which highlights some of our activities and events from the year.”  Read Testimonial

Chicago, IL

Email from co-Chairman of the Board of San Miguel Schools of Chicago

"As co-Chairman of the Board of San Miguel, I want to thank you for visiting San Miguel last week in Chicago.  The Dream tour is a fantastic program!  I applaud you for also focusing on sixth to eighth graders for they are the forgotten kids.

I have been on San Miguel's board for the last 8 years and involved with the schools for 10.  For me, it is so inspirational and rewarding to see our kids blossom.  I mention my tenure simply so that you know that I have been to many school programs.  The enthusiasm and excitement when you were at the Comer campus set a new standard.  You connected so well with the kids!  You have given them an experience that they will never forget.  And, I am certain that you have ignited their desire to dream in ways that they have never considered.

Thank you again for all that you are doing to inspire kids and specifically our San Miguel ones.  I commend you for the difference that you are making".
Miami, FL
Email from Principal at Paul W. Bell Middle School
"It was our privilege and honor to have you and 'The Dream Tour' at Paul W. Bell Middle School. Your presentation was most powerful and inspirational! Our 'Sharks' hear from me constantly my personal motto 'Dream, Conceive, Believe, Achieve.'
Your accomplishments and presentation brought to life those words and provided  them with real life proof that if you dream it, conceive it in your mind, believe it in your heart and soul, you will achieve anything and succeed! Your visit was a blessing! May God continue to bless you and may you continue to provide this magnificent blessing to our most valuable resource, our children."